Video screens


Video Screens

Video walls effectively capture the attention in any interior or exterior environment

The LED video wall is ideal for information, advertising or for example as part of a stage show and stage technology. It can be used in many different ways and in many locations. Our own control system gives the user full control over a wide range of picture and display adjustments.


The video walls can be of different sizes and shapes

In terms of size and shape, the limit is just your imagination, with the actual technology anything is possible. The video walls can therefore be something else than just a square, for example they can be round, curved or polygonal, according to your needs and purpose.

In outdoor use, the LED video wall is a winner

In outdoor use, LED video screens are overwhelming, as no other technology is able to display images that are so bright that they can be seen also in the brightest sunshine. LED video screens are visible from far away regardless of the weather and powerfully attracts the attention.

Maintenance covers the entire lifecycle of the product

Darepro Oy delivers fully integrated video wall “turnkey” solutions. We offer 10 year spare part guarantee for our products and provide after-sales service. This renders the video display systems maintenance an easy and effortless task, from the installation until the end of the product life cycle.


Software and control equipment

In addition to the video walls themselves, we select the most appropriate management software and control devices that best meet our customer needs, making the creation and presentation of the desired content just as easy as it should be.

For example, programs designed for advertising use make it possible to time schedule content, and a ready-made template for player cards can be used in sports. There is a specialized and specific software for almost every application.


Darepro Perfect color control system

The Darepro Perfect color control system ensures brilliant picture quality and the right brightness in every ambient and lighting conditions. The system’s central unit is the Darepro Videointerfacer, is capable of accurate control of display adjustments and functions thanks to its advanced user interface

A properly functioning automatic brightness control is an important feature, because if the screen is too bright in relation to the ambient lighting conditions it will negatively affect its visibility, also the energy efficiency importance cannot be ignored.

Thanks to the continuous improvements of our control system, we have been able to reduce the power consumption of our displays by an average of 35% and to achieve an A class reproduction of color tones in different lighting condition.


Contact us

If you have a location, where video displays might fit, we strongly advise to contact Darepro first. In such case, we can advise you on what kind of display would best fit the intended use and what kind of things to consider when installing and integrating it.