High quality scoreboard is an important part of a sport contest

The most important information tool in any sport contests is a high quality and dependable LED scoreboard, that is visible far away. Scoreboards and its related software and terminal equipment are selected depending on which sports are going to be played and what kind of events are involved.

Scoreboards for small local teams can be implemented in fairly free style, but if for example some specific important tournaments are going to be organized at the location, it must be taken into consideration that different sports and athletic associations might have special requirements for the scoring system.


Certified scoreboards and scoring systems

For some sports activities, for example during official competitions, a game watch software or a scoring system certified by a federation should be used, so they must be integrated into the scoreboard management system. Different scoring systems may also be used in some cases within the same sport specialty. Exceptions might be, for example, international, age, or series requirements. Darepro always take these issues into account as well.

Maintenance and 10-year spare part guarantee

We never leave our customers to their own luck, instead we take care of the system’s functionality throughout its entire life cycle. We also provide our products with a guarantee that others cannot and we guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years even after the scoreboard is installed.

A good supplier is able to react to rule changes

Sport specialties develop and this might affects its rules and how points are calculated. When it comes to such rule changes, it is important that the scoreboards and its systems can be adapted accordingly and that they are acquired from a supplier that will provide also this kind of aftercare.

We at Darepro have delivered numerous display systems with their software to both Finland and other countries and the oldest scoreboards have been operational for many years. According to the needs, their main components and software have been replaced.


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When you need a scoreboard system that works just the way it should work, contact Darepro. We deliver scoreboards with a scoring system unit, as a fully integrated package, and then take care of the system throughout its lifecycle.