LED screens and display systems

LED screen applications

Wherever you want to display information, we can transform your idea into reality. We combine videos, animations, scores, information, and ads – all with Finnish accuracy and quality. Here are some examples of different LED technology applications.

Arenas and stadiums

We deliver screen and scoreboard solutions to Europe’s largest and smallest sports venues and stadiums. Close co-operation with local operators and designers has ensured that the end result was exactly what they had in mind. Our creative approach to new challenges enables us to fulfill even the most demanding wishes.

The sports arena display system may include several types of display devices and their associated terminals and drivers.

Indoor and outdoor advertising

Over the last few years, LED screens have become increasingly popular in indoor and outdoor advertising. When a customer pays for advertising time, the image must be displayed in the right color and right brightness regardless of the time of the day. The importance of image quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the display system is very important. We are able to provide the most suitable display for the specific advertisement location. Size, shape, enclosure – everything is customizable.

Rental screens

Rental screens bring spectacularity to events and is a very popular part of stage and lighting technology. Different shaped LED walls can show animations, effects, or even video.

Design and architecture

Especially in public areas, information architecture is part of the space planning. LED technology screens are not only stylish but also very durable and practical. They allow you to quickly display changing information, video, or whatever the needs and circumstances requires. Our equipment design is modern and stylish.


The Darepro LED scoreboards are reliable and visible from far away. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to take into account the specific requirements imposed by different sport specialties for display and scoring systems. Our service covers the whole life cycle of the system.

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On this page we show the most common ways to utilize LED technology. However, only your imagination is the limit to the use of LED technology. Tell us about your need, so we’ll tell you how we can help.

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