Supplier of Europe's leading LED video screens

Darepro Ltd is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of LED video screens. Our display devices can be seen in plenty of sports arenas, stadiums, public spaces and other locations, such as digital advertising.

The company was founded in 1993 and is known worldwide as a pioneering LED technology developer. In Darepro products, color control, refresh rate, and image quality are always at an extremely high level.

In addition to our excellent reliability and on-time deliveries, our after-care works just as well. Now and always.

Image quality
The Darepro Perfect color control system ensures a superb picture quality and true brightness in all lighting conditions.

Support and integration
We are on your side from the beginning to the end of the lifecycle of our entire product line, from the first training to the last system upgrade or maintenance.

Our references

Darepro is best known for its LED video screens and scoreboard systems in international stadiums and arenas. We supply all sizes and shapes of LED video walls and information screens. We also supply scoreboard systems for indoor and outdoor use that have been certified for different sports. In addition, we have built several LED screen solutions for shopping centers and public areas.